About us:

Die Sammelvitrine

Since 1978, Star Wars, or as we called it "Star Wars", has been with me now. There were phases in my youth where the virus was not so present, but it has broken out again for several years and has been present continuously ever since. Of course, I also collected the 3.75inch figures since then and can still enjoy some beloved and above all leftover pieces from that time. Meanwhile, my focus is on the slightly larger statues of Kotobukiya or sideshow. Gentle Giant has also joined my collection with a few figures with the Jumbo series.

I gained my first experience in eCommerce 10 years ago during my 5 years working as a partner in an online shop for mcfarlane SportsPicks. Maybe I "meet" one or the other customer here again. I would be very happy. Of course, I am also happy about every new customer.

My aim is to serve you exactly as I want to be served. Your satisfaction is always paramount. I don't see myself as a competitor of other online stores, but rather try to find a niche as a "specialist" for some selected brands and high-end collectibles (m).

If you have any questions, problems, criticism, etc., Please do not hesitate to contact us. Please write to me or call me.

If you are looking for a certain, already sold-out figure, ask calmly. Through a network built up over the years to various collectors all over the world, I am happy to try to support you in your search.

Thank you for visiting my site, having fun browsing and, of course, collecting.

You and your Manuel